Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble - January 7th 2018

Ah, Bicester Heritage. Ask any photographer on Instagram what their top 5 favourite classic events are, and I guarantee that the Sunday Scramble will be in there somewhere. What was once an old Ministry of Defence site has now been transformed (and still is under development) into a hive of classic vehicle specialists that collectively buy, sell, restore and race all manner of vehicles from the past. It's incredible to see all this new development dedicated to classic cars, and for that reason Bicester Heritage is one of the most unique venues for a car event in the UK.

The first Scramble of the year, and my first event of 2018 took place on Sunday 7th January, and what a way to kick off the year! 

What you need to know about the Sunday Scramble is that there are no rules or regulations for cars - if you have something that was built before 1989, you're in. It's more of a guideline though, you'll probably get in if you have something worthy, even if it is post '89. But because of this, the Sunday Scramble provides one of the most diverse shows - no, 'gathering' would be a better term - on the calendar.

As a photographer walking round, it's great to know that you are pretty much guaranteed to come across something you have never seen before, such as a Porsche 914 or... oh I don't know... a Leyton House F1 car...

As always, the Porsche Club GB was there in full force. With well over 200 Porsche's turning up, the club actually had Hangar 113 (usually used for storing aircraft - it's massive) all to themselves, sheltering around 100 of the member's cars, with the rest spilling out onto the grass outside. Honestly I could have spent all day in there...

Elsewhere on the site, other gems could be found. Most notably was a rather infamous yellow 911S - and next to it sat F40 BLU - one of only 2 blue Ferrari F40s. So, just a bit special!

Continuing around the site and you'd see a Honda NSX parked opposite a Renault Clio V6, a Toyota Trueno in full Initial D colours next to a pristine FD2 Civic Type R, and if you really snooped around, you'd find a Lancia Delta Integrale EVO with only 8,000 kilometres on it from new, hidden away in one of the converted barns. YES please.

So why do photographers love Bicester so much? One reason;

'It's the WW2 backdrop'

'Oh, yeah definitely the military backdrop.'

'Mate have you seen these hangars?!'

That WW2 history still stands proud at the site of the Sunday Scramble, and us photo nerds love it to bits. Where does a classic car look best? On a disused military base, of course.

The first Scramble of the year was a cold one, but as always it was a fantastic and memorable gathering. I'll definitely be back at Bicester in April for the next one to capture some quality content and meet some great new people. Hopefully it's a bit warmer next time...

Check out a few of my shots from the day below (tap the photo to scroll), and I hope to see you at the next one!