Shooting at The White House Clinic - January 8th 2018

For my first job of 2018, I was asked by Zara at The White House Clinic in Leamington Spa to shoot some bespoke images and create a unique short video to help promote their business via social media.

This is something I happily accepted, as I am keen to try and shoot more interiors this year to build my experience and expand my portfolio.

The White House Clinic specialises in eyebrows and hair loss, and they have recently opened their own training centre in the clinic. The clinic itself is found inside a converted Georgian-era house, with beautiful high ceilings and large rooms.

Considering the building is so old, Zara has done an amazing job creating a thoroughly modern, open and extremely clean atmosphere inside the workspace. White walls all around, giant free-standing mirrors, with white furnishing and workstations create the comfortably bright environment to work, and be a client in. The only dark area in the clinic is the dark grey ceilings, which contrast beautifully against the rest of the space and give the illusion of even more room.

In my shots I wanted to capture all of this obvious dedication to the layout, so with that in mind I stayed low to the ground with a wide lens, often shooting upwards to fully portray that airy environment. Shooting portrait seems counter-intuitive when working with interiors, but when trying to capture that full floor-to-ceiling shot, it really helps.

Couple the shots with a bit of brightening and toning work in post, and I ended up with a wonderful series of images, plus a visually stunning video that showcases every aspect of The White House Clinic.

Tap through the photos below to see my work.