Ferrari: Under The Skin Exhibition - 3rd February 2018

When Dave from Auto Ethica asked if I wanted to go on a day trip to London to see some Ferraris, what do you think my answer was?

So with that settled, on the 3rd February we hopped on a train from Birmingham to London to visit the 'Ferrari: Under The Skin' exhibition at The Design Museum. 

A bit of background, the 'Ferrari: Under The Skin' display is an installation put together to celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary. It features not only cars from the famous brand, but also tells the story of Enzo Ferrari, the ideas and history behind the brand, and some of its greatest creations.

So if you're going in expecting just cars, then you're in for a treat. Amongst the machines you'll find priceless Ferrari memorabilia, wind tunnel models, prototype wooden chassis, and also the driving license of Enzo himself...

Walking through the doors of the exhibition you are instantly greeted by the first car to wear the Ferrari badge (well, a replica) - the beautiful 125S. Seeing it in the flesh is pretty special, and it's much bigger than you'd expect from a 40's sports car.

The next room is filled with memorabilia. A collectors' paradise. Watches, gloves, documents; anything Ferrari related that isn't a car. I was particularly fascinated by the original Ferrari watches (obviously) - these were given as compliments to customers of Ferrari, to go along with their car back in the 50s-60s. What I'd give for one of those...

Moving on, into the largest room of the exhibition. Sitting front and centre is a full-size clay example of the Ferrari J50. This car was created to celebrate 50 years of Ferrari being sold in Japan - and it was debuted at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Show. It's based on the Ferrari 488, and only 10 were built. It's awesome.

Around the J50 you'll also find wind-tunnel models of cars like the 599, Dino and the concept Sigma F1 car - as well as artwork and original concept drawings - priceless artefacts really.

Continuing through the exhibit, into what is probably my favourite room. This area focuses on notable customers of Ferraris and their history. As such, you'll find 5 truly wonderful and varied cars - including an F40 (of course), 166M Barchetta, 275 GTB4, 250 GT Cabriolet and the only Testarossa Spider in the world. Pretty special, that. I spent longer than I care to admit in this room, reading about and staring at these fascinating machines.

design museum-22.jpg

The final section is what might excite the kids the most. Dedicated to Ferrari's motorsport efforts, a banked stage stretches along the length of the section, and sitting on top are 5 generations of Ferrari race cars. Any car nut like me is sure to lose their mind in here - just one glance of the original green 250 GTO is enough to guarantee that. Behind the 250 you'll find 2 more 250 SWBs, and right at the start is the outstanding 1952 625 F1 car. Uhhh....

I'd love to write more about the exhibition but I don't want to ruin the experience too much if you attend yourself! Tickets are available at the Design Museum's website.

Take a flick through my photos below to get a good look inside the display, and for an even more detailed look, watch the video too!