Goodwood 76th Members' Meeting - 17th March 2018

Lots of people have said many great things about Goodwood, and rightly so. It's the very pinnacle of classic motoring in the UK, and almost has a 'fabled' aura to it. Ask someone to describe the place to you, and they won't be able to do it without smiling.

I've now been there once, and I'm going to try to explain it. Wish me luck!

On March 17th Auto Ethica and I ventured down to the South to experience the 76th Members' Meeting for ourselves, at the famous Goodwood Motor Circuit. During the journey Dave was telling me that I was going to love the event - and I could tell how passionate he was about it by how highly he spoke.


The first thing Im going to tell you about the 76MM is that is was cold. Damn cold. Like, can't feel your face for most of the day cold.

While this did make for some challenging working conditions, the photo and video opportunities went through the roof. Take any great Goodwood photo, add snow, and voila. Gold. It's the kind of content that makes you giggle with happiness when you're retouching afterwards.

So what kind of cars were at Goodwood 76MM? Well, that's easy. All kinds. 

One thing that Goodwood is great for is the sheer variety - whilst you obviously have the headline cars like the 250 GTO Breadvan and the parade of Porsche 904s, look a bit deeper and you'll spot some real gems.

The highlight for me though was obviously the Group 5 machines. Before 76MM I wouldn't have been able to tell you squat about Group 5, but now it seems I've developed a passion for these cars similar to that of Group C. It must be the looks that are getting me - there's just so much going on with these cars. You could stare at one for an hour and not get bored.

Plus, twin turbos for the win.


The icing on the cake has got to be seeing these beast tearing up the Goodwood course in the snow. Sent out in 2 sessions of about 8/9, means you get to see two lots of cars lapping.

It must be absolutely insane to be inside these monsters once those turbos spool up and the boost hits... I recall seeing the famous Moby Dick 935 getting a bit squirrely on the pit straight and lighting up the rears at about 60 miles an hour to the familiar 'whoosh' sound associated with a rapidly spinning impeller. 

I think it's safe to say that my first Goodwood experience was somewhat magical. Surrounded by cars that rarely see the light of day, and then to get snowed on too allowed me to create some truly unique content. I can't wait to go back, hopefully it's a bit warmer next time.